Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cute Bags...

Some Autumn Dresses 2010

Black Poka Dot Tuile Highwaisted Skirt
Ideal for special occasions, birthday parties, etc.

Poka Dot Tuile Skirt (above)

Floral Print Pleated Skirt with Applique Hem Detailing
Available on Request

Vintage Purple (Re-Constructed) Ruffle Dress

Black Lace Ruffle (Reconstructed) Vintage Slip

Poka Dot Tuile Skirt worn with floral Bow Top

Purses, and Jewellery

A5 Pouch ideal for organiser, or to carry your bits and bobs e.g papers, pens

Ikat Clutch Bag

Tribal Feather Necklace