About BabyPhunk

My name is Amanda Loschiavo (aka Mandy) and I'm the girl behind BabyPhunk. Before you ask, no it's not a baby or child clothing line... Maybe I should change my name, but it's been the same since the 2000s...

When asked why did you choose that name? Well, at the time I was in my teens... and thought young teenager designing clothes and accessories, someone who's had alot of experience would consider me a "baby"... and then with my love for recycling, thrifiting, op-shopping, and love for 60s-70s (funky) out came the word Phunk.

So that's how I came up with BabyPhunk.

As for me, I'm 24 turning 25... An aquarious. I've studied at Melbourne School of Fashion, specialisng in patternmaking and garment construction, and I'm also self-taught - thank you Craftster, Etsy and Youtube.

I love to sew and design clothing, clothing that feels good to wear, and not everyone is wearing it. It's the joy of seeing something special, and saying yes I'd like to change X Y Z... or the joy of not finding what you want so you make it.

I love bright colours, patterns... I like small details of everything that inspires me.. and always finding new things I love.

The type of clothes I make... well I would say they're fun without being too weird. High waisted tulle skirts, highwaisted bold printed skirts, oversize baby doll dresses... and fun accessories to go with it.

I love what I do, and only hope I can inspire others with my clothing and accessories.